News in 2013


All our puppies have found nice and loving homes. I wish to every puppy that it would bring happy, joy and a lot of love to their new homes. 


3 female puppies are looking for new homes:

Daira, Dominika, Desiree


Look at our funny Happy Easter Gallery 31.03.2013. Gallery of every puppy has followed up. Look at us on Estonian page


Our puppies are 7 weeks old. Look at our gallery here. Every puppy has a name and a separate gallery. Look at us on Estonian page!


New puppies gallery has been added - 4th and 5th week. Look at our growing up from the site Pesakonnad ( est page)


Our puppies are 3 weeks old. Every puppy has its own gallery. Look us here:

Daffar, Dragon, Django, Desiree, Dominika, Dionna, Dolce, Daalia, Demi, Dafne, Daira



Mira got birth her 1st litter! The puppies borned in February 8th.
There were altogether 11 puppies - 5 blue & tan and 6 black & tan puppies. 
2 males and 3 females are blue & tan
1 male and 5 females are black & tan.

Mira is daughter to Gemma who was double World Winner in 2008 & 2010!











The parents of the litter are SKYLIT MEI MUSTANG (Bhadra Rishiwa z Kaskay & Skylit Lai Ah Kum)

& GEMMAS CO CARAMIRA (Cambu Sundari & Status Benevoles Gemma).

Look for more information & pics here