Showresults 2008

Finnish Winner 2008, 14.12.2008, Helsinki
Judge: Ove Germundsson
EXC, CH/2, Best Female-3, res. CACIB

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Norwegian Winner 2008 ja Vinnergalla 2008, 22.11.2008, Hamar

Judge: Kirsi Laamanen
EXC, CH/1, Best Female-1, CACIBBOB, Norwegian Winner 2008
EXC, CH/1, Best Male -1, CACIB, BOO, Norwegian Winner 2008

Vinnergalla 2008
Gemma participated on the matchshow as one of the best Norwegian dogs in 2007 and 2008.
Gemma was invited to participate on the Winners Gala (Vinnergalla) 2008, which took place Nov 22nd 2008 in Hamar Culturehouse. On that show best dogs of  Norway in 2007 ja 2008.a participated.  32 dogs were chosen out for the show. As Gemma achieved in Norwegian Winner 2007 in BIG 2nd place, she was chosen out as one of the best dogs in Norwegian for the show. Vinnergalla 2008 was very glamorous banquette. Main entertainers/performers were best dogs of  Norway, who participated on the matchshow. We reached with Gemma in the 4. round,  which was very high result. There were 3 judges who were picked out by lotto just before the show. 
This was the first time for us to be on such an event. It was great evening full of fun, glamour and experience.

Of course, we forget our camera at home therefore the picture is done already at Gemmas home.


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Latvian International Show "ZOOEXPO 2008",
Judge: Ramune Kazlauskaite
EXC, CH/1, Best Female-1, CACIB, BOB, BIG-5
EXC, CH/1, Best male-1, CACIB, BOO

BOB - Gemma and BOO - Rocco

Rocco is proud about his excellent showresult, showing it at home the next day 

Tartu International Dog Show, 08.11.2008
Judge: Arne Foss
EX, CH/1, Best Female-2, CACIB

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Nordic Winner 2008 in Denmark, Herning 08.11.2008
Judge:Ole Staunskjaer
CH EX/1; CACIB; BOB; BOG-3; "Nordic Winner 2008"

European Winner 2008, Hungary- Budapest
Judge: Stefan Sinko
Gemma`s result:
EX, CH/2


Gemma, EX, CH/2

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World Winner 2008, Sweden-Stockholm
Judge: Christofer Habig
Gemma`s result:
EX, CH 1, Best Female-1, CACIB, BOO, World Winner 2008

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Tibet Dog Europe Winner 2008, Sweden -Stockhom
Judge: Juliette Cunliffe
Gemma`s result:
EX, CH/1, Best Female-1, BOO, Tibet Dog Europe Winner 2008, Skar-Mo 2008

the winners of Tibet Dog Europe 2008

Estonian Winner 2008, Tallinn
Judge: Nina Karlsdotter
Gemma`s result:
EX, CH/1, Best Female-1,CACIB, BOO, Estonian Winner 2008, invitation to Crufts

Estonian Winner 2008

Danish International Show, Hillerod
Rocco`s result:
EX; Open/1, Best male-1, DK SERT, CACIB, BOB, invitation to Crufts

Latvian Molossoid Club Special Show 2008, Latvia-Riga
Judge: Sonia Falletti Bellan
Gemma`s result:
EX, CH/1, Best Female-1, CAC, BOO, BIS BOO 2
Rocco`s result:
EX, CH/2, Best Male-2


Estonians Mastiff Breed Club Show, Tallinn
judge: Kristi Sherling
Gemma`s result:
EX, CH/1, Best Female-2
special prices: Best Head and Best Fur

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"Kaunas Winter 2008", Lithuania-Kaunas
Rocco`s result: